The UK Fellowship of the Limbo Parcel



We are sending out our original batteries in separate parcels to all fellows who are affected by the NL Customs inspection, regardless you received with or without battery in this long delayed parcel, there is no way for us to know.

I’m sorry that it may take a few weeks for the battery parcel to arrive, so in the mean time, you could use the USB port to power your GameShell, and you could also find a replacement BL-5C battery information in the following forum topic:

Buying a battery for the Gameshell


Agreed. These threats wearing a little thin. It’s like listening to a parent talk to a toddler.

It’s a shame that the tone of this thread has become so toxic from time to time.

I’m happy to have received my product, I hope everyone else here receives their’s soon.

Thanks for the updates @yong, I can’t imagine this has been a particularly fun time/subject for you!

Farewell thread!


I’m super excited to have mine arrive too, I’m now really eager to get some juice in it and see what it can do! See you over in the other thread!


Thanks, @yong, you’ve been awesome.


Great news yong, thanks. I trust you won’t be using postnl :wink:


LOL thats true! Lessons learned there :grin:


Received mine @yong thanks so much … just need to build it… already bought the Nokia BL-5C just in case! :ok_hand::ok_hand:


I’m so happy that you are starting to get your packages. It’s the greatest handheld I’ve ever used, and I’m sure you all will be extremely pleased.

Happy Hacking. :slight_smile:


Oh no! Please let this be a mistake…


Please send you tracking number, let me try to find out.


Hey! Thanks yong, but don’t worry. It looks like it was a mistake on the tracking. It’s now saying it’s due to arrive with me today!


Awww man, why isn’t mine with yours if its being delivered in Glasgow? Mine is still in transit from Langley apparently but left yesterday. I’ll be tomorrow for delivery then. Boo and yay haha.


Yeah man, not long now hopefully.

Also, I won’t get mine until tomorrow as I’m at work all day. It’s going to be a long day and a half.


As I said earlier , RM can be a bit slow to update, so be prepared for today just in case :slight_smile:

\o/ /o/ \o\ /o/


Mine arrived (UK) this morning. All is well, and no additional VAT / customs charges incurred.


Ok chaps, good morning to you all. I retrieved my GS from the collection office this morning. The packing bag still has a huge gaping hole in the side, where PostNL clearly couldn’t be bothered to reseal the bag after taking the battery out.

Additionally, the customs declaration, which originated in China clearly states that the contents of the package did not contain items prohibited by PostNL…

So @yong, just a heads up there, whomever you sourced as conveyance agent didn’t actually check PostNL conditions, because if they had, they would have gone with another courier, or at least advised you guys on the matter.

Please be acutely aware that in this post, I am NOT, repeat NOT putting any blame on CPI, but with the shipping agent who should have done better than this

Ah well, it’s here now, and hopefully everyone else gets theirs soon too.

When I’m home I may need to check the contents (on account of the massive hole, something may have fallen out), and I’ll probably be back to ask you guys follow up questions in regard to that.


I received mine yesterday. The packing was similarly open, but the goods were safely packed in the box and there was no chance anything could had fallen out. Hopefully that is the case for you too.


A cursory glance looks okay so far - lightkey and Lego backplate are there too. The lightkey in particular, was in the packing bag outside of the main box. You’d have thought PostNL would have been kind enough to reseal the bags, eh? :joy:


I didn’t order the lightkey so I cannot vouch for that, but what I am pretty sure about is that nothing but the worst can be expected from PostNL.


As promised way long ago, will try a live unboxing this (UK) evening!