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Thanks Yong. Do you know anything about parcels bound for other countries within the European Union?


We seem to have similar problem in Norway, and the German speaking Customs have been quite picky about some of our parcels, requiring commercial invoices and 20 euro import tax.


Just as an update based on what Yong has advised. PostNL are saying they’re in the UK. I contacted RM just now and asked them. They’ve checked the track and trace and their internal system and there’s nothing logged at all. I got further explanation to the situation.

When the item arrives in the UK it needs to go through customs before it’s handed over to RM. Their internal system can tell if it’s been booked into customs which is the first port of call for the parcels. When she checked this system there is nothing on it which means the parcel isn’t even in the UK. So it seems that based on this information and the information provided by Yong that we’re all being fobbed off by PostNL in saying that the items are in the UK. They’re not. I’m prepared to wait until the end of the week then I give up.


I feel the same way…this whole thing is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I really want to look forward to this but now I’m feeling like we are just being fobbed off.

It seems like somewhere in the delivery chain, something has gone wrong and nobody wants to take responsibility. It’s leaving us, the consumer, in a pretty bad situation. I just feel completely let down.


I believe it’s PostNLs fault. They have the parcels and they’re responsible for getting them to the UK. They’re doing nothing to help etc. The Clockwork team have sent the consoles and have done some chasing so they’re doing everything right - even if some of us might want more regular updates.


Again, 100% agree, and again, I just want to reiterate that I don’t think this is clockworkPi’s fault. I just feel like something has gone wrong in delivery.


Ah good to see that I’m not the only one having an issue here with delivery. I’m hoping it’s going to be sorted soon!


Just asked out of the blue to see their answer:

Will send a DM with the tracking


Intereting point, the person I had in private message told me that it seems they never had the parcel in hands. Not that it is in the UK…



So how come do they claim that they have received it in their “Acceptance Centre”, is that BS? TBH Post.NL performance here seems dismal.



Just a reminder that what their tracking should have looked like. I doubt the parcels going to Germany were any less “gateway” than those sent to the UK.


They are the same. (I mean using the same system)

I would not worry if just a few parcel was in the same state as mine and most of us, the problem is that all are in the same state…
Like if before entering the sorting centre, something happened to the stack of UK parcels

I’m pissed, not a Clockwork, not necessarily at PostNL either, just that how it is still possible nowadays to have tracked parcel, and such a large number, to disappear like that, and having so many contradictory informations?


Totally agree. It is a severe failure in their process that parcels cannot be accounted for, and rather than carry out a proper investigation they are just applying fudge everywhere.


They told me that should be more accurate, but it can’t find my parcel.

Can anyone that received theirs or is in a state closer than most UK people check the result on that page?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I did ask @ManlyStump who to my knowledge is the only person in the UK who got some tracking info from RoyalMail and he hasn’t received it either.


Cant find mine. If it’s more up to date then its confirmation they’ve got F all! Lol


Exactly the same result. Correct details and “parcel not found”.


I too am a UK backer, and have the same status showing on my parcel as everyone else here. I pinged PostNL on twitter, gave them my parcel ID and they can’t find it in their system. They told me to contact the sender.

Here’s what I see.


Now I’m being told “Hey Alan. 17track is no official tracking site PostNL uses, so user-experiences may vary on that one. Please try to track your parcel on . Whenever we’ve received your parcel, it will shop up there! :slight_smile: Kind regards.”


Well that’s not any good. If it’s to show up there then that’s confirmation they’ve been lying to @yong that they had the parcels and they’re now in the UK.

Looks like we’re not getting a GS this side of Xmas.