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Great, I’m now getting;
“parcel not found” - PostNL
“The system is currently unable to confirm the status of your item” - Royal Mail

It seems to have disappeared into the ether which leads me to some conclusions.

  1. PostNL have Lost / Stolen the entire consignment.
  2. They are stuck in Customs pending import red-tape.
  3. They have been rejected, The paperwork was not filled out correctly and they are on their way back to China.
  4. They were never sent out to begin with and are still in China! (I really hope I’m wrong here!)

I think we all want answers at this point, they should have arrived last week so something is not right at all, please tell us what it is Clockwork!

I doubt anything will get done in the next fortnight, even if they are lost we will have to wait until the next batch is shipped out (hopefully using a different carrier) and it could take another month before we get anything!

I’m getting really pissed off with this. We deserve ANSWERS!


Im a US backer, but I was thinking that our information might help.
A tracking service like this should keep information even after a package is delivered for claim reasons.

If I put my tracking number in 17track or Usps, it shows up as delivered (as it was).
If I put it into the postnl website, it says “Package not found”.

I hope this helps. They might not have anyone’s numbers in the system.


@popey, @Wizzard_o: there is another website of Post.NL,, which shows the same information as 17track, so that information actually originates from them. It seems that shipments to other counties share the same timeline until the point of “Consignment received at the PostNL Acceptance Centre”, so I believe that is genuine.

As to why Post.NL are themselves incapable to track the parcels when the recipients enquire or why does not show anything, I have no idea.


This is starting to give me flashbacks to two different courier companies I had the misfortune of dealing with in the last 12 months. In both cases, they “lost” the items I had sent and were very slow to respond to any queries. I never got an explanation as to what had happened and I had to pester them to get a refund. These sorts of businesses seem to operate on the basis that if you don’t pester them enough, you’ll go away and leave them in peace. I hope for all our sakes that the guys from Clockwork Pi are being proactive and trying to find out what the hell happened to our packages.


All in all it would be great if the company, clockworkPi gets a solid and valid information about the whereabouts of the entire lot. Then they can sort it out and make things right for all of us faster. But with so many points of contacts in the chain of delivery, you could easily bark at the wrong tree for weeks. As, I believe, we all have done.

It’s sad, I was expecting the console to be with me by now, and not one day passes by when I check my mail for any kind of box.


Update (August 1st):
Our shipping partner confirmed that all of our 173 UK packages are now being held up in inspection at the UK Custom, but they don’t know how long it will take to get out. We are going to call them every day for new update.


Thanks for the update @yong, I guess we can all look forward to some kind of import fees when/if these are finally delivered.


On Post.NL: you only learn about a company when you have to deal with a problem in their services. I will avoid them like the plague from now on:


Just sayin…



It will be interesting to see where they are tomorrow, they can’t be stuck in customs forever…


Interesting it seems the tracking have win some new entries!!!


Not in the way you are thinking I fear, I don’t remember that there were three similar entries at the beginning of the tracking … :smiley:

I just haven’t realised until now, it’s been more than a month that our GS has been sent…


Those entries have only just appeared. I noticed that this morning on mine and was going to post hut didnt want to get anyones hopes up haha. They weren’t there before today.


Hey guys, not in the UK but in Greece, but had a similar experience.

Item arrived in country, but no further info for a couple of weeks. I called up the local postal service, they told me it’s stuck in customs. Lo and behold, almost two weeks later it was released… So in my case the PostNL info was correct.


I’ve been in the same limbo but my package is showing on royal mail


Thanks for sharing this @pete, unfortunately from @ManlyStump’s experience this is not necessarily a sign of quick delivery (he got a similar result ~1wk ago)


Haaaaaaa… but no :frowning:

The system is currently unable to confirm the status of your item with reference LX358052075NL . Please try again later



Can confirm, I’ve still not had any developments :frowning: It’s officially been over 2 weeks now, patience is wearing very thin!


Mine used to say that, now Royal Mail site says same as @pete showed.


RM still don’t have mine apparently. What I don’t get is that it gives the impression that it’s still in NL when it’s been said by PostNL to Yong that they’re all now in the UK so surely they should have further update for those to get a response on RM already? It’s giving me more hope.


So, it might arrive next week then?