The UK Fellowship of the Limbo Parcel



It might arrive next week… or 3 months from now! I haven’t seen any evidence as of yet that it’s actually progressing.



It’s been a few days now since the August 1st update… Is there any more news yet? 173 packages surely can’t take that long to be checked by customs. I order quite a lot over seas from China, USA, Japan etc and I’ve never had anything take anywhere near this amount of time.

I’m starting to think you might be being lied to by your shipping partner (or your shipping partner is being lied to by someone in the chain). This is really getting out of hand. I understand that the delivery is out of your control but we have all paid and I know my patience wearing thin.


Oh … you’re still expecting your console? I thought we all knew we won’t get them anymore (sarcasm)…


Turns out that the customs is actually Gandalf

YOU WILL NOT PASS though customs because something went wrong, have a nice day,


I wonder if this has happened… “Be careful, at times unscrupulous sellers from the Far East will drastically under declare the value of packages of DDP shipments, in order to lower their tax expenses (this can also occur with DDU shipments). Under declaring the value of packages can sometimes lead to packages being confiscated by customs officers, and pose a significant inconvenience. While it might be nice not having to pay tax by under valuing a shipment, this is tax evasion, so make sure it doesn’t happen to you. Actively communicating with your shipper, and being aware of these situations, may help you get your package released quicker and avoid any potentially nasty situations.”


Anyone know how much they marked on the package?


Oops. $19.05 on the images posted previously. I bet this is what it is.


Well, i’ve heard of 20$ on the forums… but then on kickstarter i’ve also seen clockwork saying to people if they are required commercial invoice by customs, they should send an email to help@clockwork. Now there’s also this bit: “Missing paperwork is one of the most common reasons for delays in shipping. Depending on the size and value of your shipment, the documentation required may vary. Even simple mistakes like the seller forgetting to attach an invoice or CN22 customs form can cause significant delays to your shipment”

If you are required to pay taxes and custom fees and they are higher than normal… That must be because the company itself has paid no taxes by declaring them as 20$ and you as a customer will take the hit.



If this is the case. If I don’t accept delivery, will I be entitled to a full refund? Considering I have already spent over $100 dollars (including shipment), I don’t think I should have to pay a significant amount more


Well, import taxes and custom are ALWAYS to be paid unless the sender pay it for you in advance.

This is the responsability of the buyer (or if you prefer the person to import the goods) to pay for them. It is not because you buy something a $5000 that you have no VAT and import taxes to pay.

You have to be aware that buying something from a foreign country (unless part of the EU) you have to pay import taxes and VAT.

They offer you to not pay them if the value of the good is under a certains value, but that is something they can change when they want, and also can make you pay even if the value is low if they want to.


I understand how import taxes work.

What I am talking about it, is if an item is vastly under valued on the shipping label we may have to pay the taxes and the extra value of the product on top. I’m not prepared to pay a huge amount more.

Taxes are fine…having an item marked as way below the value is tax evasion and not fine.


If the product was marked at its proper value; you will pay for the taxes, whatever happen.

The sender don’t pay taxes on what he send.

What you paid (~$100) don’t include any VAT / Taxes


@yong @hal can we have an update on this please?


That’s the problem. The product isn’t being marked at its proper value. Customs will more than likely hold it, or not even release it. If they do, I might have to show proof of purchase and be made to pay the extra amount.


If HMRC determine that there are Import duties/EU VAT to be paid when/if the parcels are released then they will need to be paid at the point of picking up the parcel.
The charges would be charged by HMRC not Royal Mail as such proof of purchase etc would probably need to be discussed with HMRC.
The Post Office only implement the charges, they don’t set them


Again, I understand this. All I’m saying is on the very rare occasion that it doesn’t get sent back to the sender, or isn’t destroyed, (I believe) you can sometimes be made to pay the difference in terms of value stated plus taxes.


They block and destroy only if it is a counterfeit product or goods which are illegal to import.


“ANYTHING it seizes from you for breaking the rules”, which includes under declared values.

It’s tax evasion. It breaks the rules.

Also, I understand this is from the travel pages… I believe however, that the same customs rules apply.

If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but I can’t find any evidence to the contrary.


Only restricted or prohibited items are destroyed by customs. Why would they destroy something they can make money from just because its cost has been inaccurately advised? They wouldnt. If they’re in customs and you have to pay it then its your responsibility.

If an item is valued over £15 (or for gift £39) then you will have to pay VAT on it. I paid £87.16 for my gameshell after conversion. That means I would have to pay £17.43 in VAT.

Custom duty has no charge on items valued below £135 which the GS comes under. So the max you MIGHT have to pay is about £20 for VAT.

Now let’s stop talking about imports and customs and taxes because now we have the answers.

Lets just focus on getting answers as to where the parcels are and when we’ll get them.

P.S. If you buy items from outside of the EU and aren’t aware that you may have to pay something additional or are expecting to not pay anything additional then this is naive and you need to become familiar with the laws surrounding UK import and exports before purchasing anything else as well as how a UK government works and want to charge you for everything they absolutely can. Also with Brexit the EU thing probably will change and you’ll have to pay charges etc for that.


What @YoshiK1 says is basically correct he just missed that the VAT is on the value of the device + the value of the postage (which is what a lot of people forget).