Uconsole 4G module connection issue

I try to make the 4G module work and it does after enabling it with the uconsole-4g enable
the usb0 appear correct with ifconfig, got an IP etc
but after a quick short time I get disconnected

then usb0 is still present and same IP config but no connection whatso ever…

what could be the issue ?
I am running dex image bookworm

Try different APN settings from your 4G provider. I had to change from IPv6-related settings to IPv4 for stable connection with Orange Flex in Poland. Initially it was connecting/disconnecting several times per minute.

how do you do that ?

Well it depends on your mobile network provider. In my case initially I was using command

nmcli c add type gsm ifname ttyUSB2 con-name 4gnet apn internetipv6 gsm.username internetipv6 gsm.password internetipv6

and when faced connection stability issues I have replaced it with

nmcli c add type gsm ifname ttyUSB2 con-name 4gnet apn internet gsm.username internet gsm.password internet

Now the connection is stable. Speed is not so huge though, but I think it is related to GSM antenna placement.

In summary, probably your network settings are incorrect and you need to fix it. I suppose

How can get gsm.username and gsm.password of my SIM Card? Orange in Poland too

You can try using mine, it should be same for Orange Flex. I have googled for it over Internet