uConsole Music Production

Hiya, I understand that the latest version of Sunvox does not work. I used version 2.1c from the official Sunvox dropbox archive: Dropbox - SunVox - Simplify your life

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Thanks again! You’ve been really helpful. This has done the trick.

Thanks for the tip. That worked!

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Also with you being a beginner to linux, i would recommend installing tldr (can install with pi-apps), normally youll get help with commands by typing the command and follow it with “-h” or “–help” but its overwhelming with the info. With tldr you actually get use cases with whatever you are using and all you have to do is write “tldr” before whatever you want to learn about

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If u have a nit off programming, sonnic-pi may be something for you.

sonnic-pi can easily be installed by opening a terminal en and and running:

sudo apt install sonic-pi

run it from the terminal:


tutorial can found here: Sonic Pi - Tutorial

Got arturia software working (just the main midi and software manager) using wine. You can install wine through pi-apps (takes a while) and once thats done you can run some windows .exe programs like the arturia ones. Youll have to install with wine, either through the applications provided or wine whatever.exe in terminal. Once youve gone through that youll have to go to wine config (either application or terminal) and add the application you just installed and set it to windows 10/11 and then it should run. Bare in mind its hella slow and i wouldnt recommend wine on anything other than stuff that updates equipment or change settings. Heres a link i went through to get it working.

Hi, just wanted to see how your tracking is going. Have you gotten SIDWizard going? Are you able to transfer files back to a C64 for mixdown, or do you just record audio straight from your uConsole? I’m still waiting for mine to arrive (or, well, ship) and I’m also planning on using mine for chiptune tracking.

@ArtieFortyEight will love to try out sidwizard because im always on the hunt for the perfect tracker for me (have something in mind with the m8), not so sure on the c64 part but im sure there will be a way.

Also found this little fun sound effect generator, works both in browser as well as a .exe through wine, having a little issue getting it on the applications list but works perfectly fine if you just type “wine chiptone.exe” in terminal when in the same directory. Got everything you need to create whatever chiptune like sound and it has categories plus a random button just for kicks.

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Exciting! Thank you.

This app tells us a thing: video game SFX is about parameters ramping up and down.
So much fun.

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Slightly different application idea in my case: using it as an amp simulator / guitar recording device.

I’d like to connect my USB audio interface to it (with 1 electric guitar connected) & simulate different amps & effects in software, for a lightweight / compact guitar practice setup. Could even be used on the go with the uConsole running on batteries.

I’ll look through the software recommendations here to see if there’s something that can do that. Currently using GarageBand on MacOS.

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So if you want to try doing some effect chains maybe sunvox might help, part of the work flow is patching up effects/eq/instruments to an output, might be able to get and input (for the guitar) and then link up whatever before finishing up at output. Theres a thing called vcv rack (theres a clone of it called cardinal that works on uconsole) but thats pretty heavy and might require some knowledge on eurorack synths but essentially the same concept. Reaper might also be a good choice if you want to go more of a daw route. Oh btw the headphone jack does have a mic input, seems to be overlooked and i havent even tried using it yet, might be good for saving you having an audio interface.

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Thanks, that’s helpful! I know some people use Reaper for what I’m trying to do, so if it runs on uConsole I’ll try that.

It’s good to know that the 3.5mm jack has the microphone signal wired up; I have some splitters, so it might be possible to use headphones and a 6.3mm to 3.5mm adaptor to skip the audio interface (which I already have, though).

We’ll see… :wink:

Oh also might want to get jackd and qjackctl (both can be installed by writing “sudo apt install jackd qjackctl”), you can use them to patch audio/midi inputs and outputs from different software and interfaces, could make for some crazy work, also if you ever want to go deep and personalized with… i dunno making your own effects program, you could try out puredata, its a coding language designed for music mostly and can create se crazy intriguing stuff, things like the organelle and daisy seed use this coding if you would like to see some examples.

Plus all ive mentioned is free too

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I’ve also been playing with MIXXX. Lot’s of fun! I’m not finding it that much of a battery drain so far. I’m using these batteries: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rechargeable-REACELL-Headlamp-Flashlight-Electronic/dp/B0BZJ2NLQY/

iirc there’s an AI powered stompbox for pi
can’t remember the name though, but the non-linear modeling is impressive.


On the list of things I want to try with uConsole is Patchbox OS - which is OS for raspberry pi 4 specifically designed to run audio application with real time kernel. One of the apps for this OS is MODEP - it’s a guitar pedal simulator with a neat interface.

Most likely Patchbox OS is not going to play well with uConsole out of the box. But maybe someone feels experimental and want to try it ahead of me :slightly_smiling_face:

The last stable version of this OS is from 2022 and it’s 32 bit, but I saw on their form that new 64 bit beta version including MODEP app, is available for testing so it’s a living project worth checking out.

Good MODEP demo here

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Maybe this one you mean?

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Yes!! I saw it exactly on this page.

I would be very careful to use sudo; it was made to get temporarily access as superuser; and the whole point of having users with limited access is to protect the system if they do not know what are they doing.
Even linux experts avoid to use root as main user; because you can seriously mess up the system if you have that much power… And sudo is just a way to get that power for a single statement.

If the application you give sudo permissions to is messing up your machine, that is bad :smiley:

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