uConsole Music Production

Is that or you give root privileges to the user used. Is that or you can’t use apt packager. Am I wrong? (serious, I ask honestly).

EDIT: Sorry my bad, I was reading the wrong quote.

There’s nothing wrong with using sudo, so long as you mostly understand what you’re trying to accomplish, or are prepared to flash a new OS to your SD card after you do something newbish like sudo chmod -R 777ing your root directory. Raise your hand if you didn’t ever have that bright idea.

(To save someone reading this the trouble: It’d make your install unbootable and nearly unfixable without reinstalling.)

Indeed the problem is “so long as you mostly understand what you’re trying to accomplish”.
For some it is a teaching moment; and it is totally fine to mess up your system once or twice. After a bit you become very efficient at reinstalling

Yes i agree with all comments on sudo, with great power comes great responsibility, if you have any worries make sure you have a back up of your os image. Tbh how i learned linux i would have a spare sd card (like a 32gb) just to basically mess around with and try new things which i didnt mind breaking or reflashing a fresh new os on.

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As long as there’s a solid script / tool that “patches” a stock (or customized) Raspbian install to add support for all of uConsole’s custom peripherals (screen, keyboard, trackball, speakers, LTE radio, battery charging stuff), I wouldn’t try installing such an OS on my uConsole.
In most cases, it’s possible just getting the software you need and installing it on the ClockworkPi provided OS, although in cases like Elk Audio OS with their optimized low-latency kernel, you’ll be missing out on such features if you keep the stock kernel.

Hey! So sorry I missed this! I was able to complete a song in SIDWizard on the uConsole. I can export a song in SID format and play it on the c64 with a SID player.

I recorded the result and stuck it on YouTube here:

I wish I could open the song in SIDWizard on the c64 for the workflow but something about going from the emulator to the real c64 doesn’t play nice. (SIDWizard wraps up song files within the container and I couldn’t figure out how to add mine to it)

My experience so far (with the A06) is that power management is a hassle, but it does work! It seems like the peak power requirement of running the sidwizard emulator is pretty hefty. I can’t run on only internal batteries (the uconsole will just crash). I need external power to maintain the software. I try find the right balance with gearbox to make my power bank last.


my uConsole helped edit backtrack in Reaper right before the live show.
So you can at least do some mixing there with Reaper’s eq, comp, etc

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