Uconsole pre order!

Ordered today Raspberry Pi 4 version. 90 days waiting time is endless, but uConsole is the final gadget for retro-vintage-80s geeks like me! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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Just ordered A-06 model with LTE module.
Everything I want in such form factor were all checked :heavy_check_mark:, even with a modem capable for phone calling.
Now I just hope there are some software were built in for handling incoming and outgoing calls. A app like Gnome Phone would be better, but I REALLY don’t want to run a full Gnome desktop because it is too heavy even for some lower-tier laptops… :-1:

And this will surely replace the PocketCHIP I currently using.

btw, LTE + ZeroTier, remote access from anywhere, what could possibly go wrong? If there is some way to hack in some GPS module, we will have some recovery options for finding it back if lost somewhere.

And I hoped there is some way to do a battery upgrade. I guess 2 of 18650 batteries isn’t enough for a heavy long time usage, and I personally don’t mind to fit in a explosive high capacity chunky battery pack in it, as long as the battery management chip can accept this.
Maybe I need to hack in some extra fans for cooling the RK3399 down. I owned a OrangePi 4B, it was using RK3399, and it can get very hot even without overclocking. Imagine this thing running in your backpack without being shutted down for a while. Toasty! :fire:

Once mine turns up I’ll see if i can reengineer from this. Overview | PiPhone - A Raspberry Pi based Cellphone | Adafruit Learning System


ordered mine today (RPi 4) :slight_smile:
looks like the perfect thing to help me focus on my linux tinkering and garden automation stuff whilst letting me get away from my desk!

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I’ve ordered one the DevTerm is too large to carry in my tote bag for the casual database and programming jots I do … I’ve actually got the DevTerm running MariaDB, Python and working on an integration with a project in grafana dashboard and I use it to print notes… it’s still handy but the smaller screen and package will make jotting things down much easier - hopefully this will be the right mix of hand held power…would like to see a way to make your own add on boards - would like a barometric sensor and a lightning detector circuit…

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Any thoughts on how lockdowns in China might affect the preorder?

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DevTerm was promised in August arrived… November … the same year… so there’s that… good things come to those who wait…

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