What do you want to do with your uConsole?

This would be great. Thank you man.

btw, I would pronounce it “you console”

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i want to replace my OpenPandora as HandheldPC; Geminispace, Mastodon, Matrix/IRC/XMPP, light coding on the go, PIM/PDA stuff,…
Mostly like stuff i do on a smartphone but that just works better with physical keyboard and with a better feeling when using a open platform :slight_smile:


If you are going down that route you may as well get a GPD Pocket 3 and dual boot to Linux. GPD Pocket 3 - Shenzhen GPD Technology Co., Ltd.

That, or if you want to stay in the Pi ecosystem get the Seeed Studio ReTerminal and expansion unit.
reTerminal CM4104032 - AI, IoT, IIoT Human Machine Interface, All-in-one Board, Modular Design, RPi CM4 32GB powered, IPS multi-touch screen, 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 5.0, rich interfaces - Seeed Studio

It’s gonna be primarily keyboard retro
gaming for me - Dosbox, exult, IFs etc.


i could do that, but the pocket tmk isn’t as good for handheld typing, tmk way more expensive, and i can run the uConsole on 100% free/libre sw tmk

Like many of the people in the article I don’t want to part with mine. I have sold some games in the past and regretted it every time, usually resulting in buying back whatever it was that I sold.

Man, I miss my zauruses.


I’m hoping to do some amateur radio stuff, connectivity to IC-705 for FT8/PSK/RTTY, perhaps some rx-SDR via USB or a custom internal module for monitoring various digital modes and trunked radio systems. I’d like to use the internal LTE module’s GPS as well.

If I find the time I’d love nothing more than to develop an internal module with a 2m transceiver to make an APRS communication device. I’ve been wanting to build something like that for a decade but just never have the time.

I’ve already ordered 1, but I’m almost certainly going to get 2nd ordered after the holidays.

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I believe that information is power. I want to be able to extract as much data out of a location as humanly possible. Wireless access points, Bluetooth devices, weather data, air quality, noise levels, etc… I would imagine that I will need to jury rig my device pretty heavily in order to accomplish this, but I am definitely going to make it happen.


I’ve managed to get my Yeasue FTM-200 talking to APRS Droid - it displays the RF traffic APRS in my vicinity… look at YAAC it’s more feature rich then xastir but a bit quirky . YAAC will run on almost anything! (even windows cough sputter choke… 10)

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Im with ya on that! the devterm is pretty ok with a feng on a soundcard but man it would be awesome as an all in one system, heck id imagine cannibalizing a feng onto a custom carrier board to control it would be the fastest route to us getting that capability onboard


YAAC is very nice and being updated frequently.

I never cared for Xastir, I still miss the old UIView, but at least these days there are some decent alternatives. The best part about it is they tend to be multi-platform!

I think there’s more than enough space for single chip solution and a small band pass filter. Likely also enough room for a hardware modem, but like you said not strictly necessary with the quality of sound card algorithms these days.

The issue will be power output, but even if we can only get 500mW or 1W, I’d still love to be able to have it all nicely wrapped up in device!

I have a bluetooth TNC but haven’t got it work with the radio - cable is not right…

I got mine to work sporadically as a serial device via usb but basically the usb sound card is king on the devterm. I think this is a firmware issue though so could be fixed in the future

consider barometric pressure, temperature and humidity - lightning levels too if that occurs often at your location too…

I use mine for notes too and with the DevTerm - I printed them on adhesive backed thermal paper and put them in a journal - I have a wireless printer that prints on thermal paper too - so I’ll try to external print from the uConsole - don’t mind loosing the printer it is a vulnerability of the DevTerm - will look at vimwiki as a writing tool - thanks! ** Update - looking at my DevTerm install notes - I’m going to go through the applications I loaded and look at ones that make the best use of screen space - I use an external monitor most of the time on the DevTerm - hoping to be able to code on the go with the Uconsole - this means:
VIM, MariadB, Arduino, Notepadqq, Terminal , ; hosted stuff - Node Red, Grafana, ; and some ham radio stuff: Chirp, YAAC, but not load the screen intensive stuff Spyder, VS studio, FLdigi,
But there are some utilities like FileZilla and Thunderbird Mail that I would like to keep.

TIC-80 physical fantasy console

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Do you know neoMutt as the email client for the terminal? Maybe this could replace your Thunderbird.

Luke Smith made a great configuration wizard for neomutt

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thunderbird is screen heavy…will check it out… now that I have ftp working on my home network I find I email my files to my self less… :roll_eyes: just checked this out - neomutt is much more streamline for text based terminal screens - thanks~!