What do you want to do with your uConsole?

i think im gonna make and play games

what type of games? my understanding of linux game emulators is very low

fantasy console nes and game boy but if it can run doom ill buy it

I’m pretty sure Doom is just a test for Turing completeness at this point – everything runs doom


I am thinking SDR radio, Python programming, and most important finally a portable raspberry pi that’s practical in size… YAY

I never owned a DevTerm, but that seems to be the only comparable thing for a well-made portable RPI. I do sometimes wonder whether I should’ve gotten one over the uConsole, but I think once I get mine I’ll probably change my mind, lol. The metal case, more compact size, and cellular module are why I think so.

Programming is probably one of the main things I’ll use my uConsole for, and just general portable compute tasks, i.e. a replacement for my laptop.

this is the start of a digital weather rock based on the Heltec board with BMP280 and Lightning Detection - so far i have pressure being detecteded and displayed - will eventually broadcast over wifi… then the I\Uconsole can alarm and display…

I think it’d be cool to actually hold it in my hands. :rofl:


This is great! We need more pictures in this community.

been editing code snippets for my digital weather rock project on the DevTerm - its very good for that - I use notepadqq…


I am wondering if there would be any financial application use cases for this product.

CREATE TABLE reit_data (
    id SERIAL PRIMARY KEY, -- unique identifier for each REIT
    reit_name TEXT NOT NULL, -- name of the REIT
    date TIMESTAMP NOT NULL, -- date the data was captured
    revenue NUMERIC NOT NULL, -- financial data, revenue of the REIT
    net_income NUMERIC NOT NULL, -- financial data, net income of the REIT
    cash_flow NUMERIC NOT NULL, -- financial data, cash flow of the REIT
    market_conditions TEXT NOT NULL, -- broader market conditions that the REIT is operating in
    property_location TEXT NOT NULL, -- specific property location of the REIT
    property_size NUMERIC NOT NULL, -- specific property size of the REIT
    property_condition TEXT NOT NULL, -- specific property condition of the REIT
    tenant_type TEXT NOT NULL, -- specific tenant type of the REIT
    news_and_social_media TEXT NOT NULL, -- news and social media related to the REIT
    esg_data JSONB NOT NULL, -- Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data of the REIT
    dividend_history JSONB NOT NULL, -- dividend history of the REIT
    occupancy_rate NUMERIC NOT NULL, -- occupancy rate of the REIT
    rent_roll JSONB NOT NULL, -- rent roll of the REIT
    lease_expiration JSONB NOT NULL, -- lease expiration schedule of the REIT
    management_team JSONB NOT NULL, -- management team and board of directors of the REIT
    leverage NUMERIC NOT NULL, -- leverage of the REIT
    liquidity NUMERIC NOT NULL -- liquidity of the REIT

I’m gonna use it to learning some programming.
uConsole is a much more portable device than DevTerm. So I guess I will have less excuse not to practice and do some coding stuff if I can carry it everywhere.


I’ve carried the Devterm with me for the last year - the keyboard is good for jotting down notes, (the trackball is awkward) I print tags and labels with the printer… check email, web pages on the screen - mostly I’ve done some database and Node Red applications some SDR (Software Defined Radio ) - DevTerm will host database and NodeRed without really any impact on speed (A06 processor) but I’ve been very careful with it since the case is model airplane kit level sturdiness (an aftermarket or 3d printed heavy duty case would be a nice upgrade - but care to maintain internal dimensions would be essential) - the uConsole with a molded aluminum case will make it a little more useful in the wild. One of the USB ports is occupied by a Logitech Unifying receiver - which lets me use an external mouse and keyboard at my home work station - I can switch back and forth between DevTerm and laptop. I set it on a portable stand to see the screen better (Amazon - [Light Box Pad Stand,Multifunction 7 Angle Points Skidding Prevented Tracing Holder for AGPtek/Huion Laptop LED Light Table A4 LB4 L4S and Most tracing])


no. uconsole is EXPLICITLY for fun things only.

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:grin: Yeah, I like numbers and stats.

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NERD!!! (I mean this in the highest regards)


I wear it as a badge of honor! :joy:

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