Is Clockwork Pi Dead?

More than happy to beta test anything for you guys! More modules with higher level parts if possible! More modules!


here is the new product


Oh wow!! I was not expecting this. And also, it’s a lot cheaper than I anticipated it to be! I am certainly interested!
USB C? That gets a big tick from me!
Gameboy printer style thermal printer. The nostalgia is killing me!
This is a VERY attractive unit!
Definitely needs to have a dedicated thread for this!!


There is. It’s the latest one. New Clockwork device: The DevTerm. Just scroll up and be sure to answer my poll. The second one.

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I was more implying I’d stop getting excited here, and to abandon this thread for that one.
Your poll in the other thread is a bit vague and subjective. I might refrain from voting if that’s okay with you.

Would it be available to get with CPI points?


Whats cpi points. is it like hudson bay points where depending on how much you buy more points. Then those points become like money and you spend less?

The bigger question is, what on earth are Hudson Bay points?
Read here

Oh, I was away off track. It just seemed like it. Anyway yeah it would be nice to be able to buy it with cpi points. Hudson bay points is what I just described in my first post. (when I did not know what cpi points are)

I had to look up where Hudson Bay is. Canada? I don’t even know. Not everyone’s from Canada. I don’t even know if it’s a shop, a kayak hiring shack, a park loyalty entry fee, or just a company named after the place. Canadian eBay?

Regardless, CPI points aren’t something that most people use as a daily currency, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much to be honest. You aren’t missing out on anything. If you are interested however, consider setting up an Ethereum crypto currency wallet yourself. That’s the first test :wink:

On topic, @Petrakis, you’re making me kick myself for spending all of my points!

I think @hpcodecraft had a sale on his Kickstarter edition Gameshell that came with some CPI points.

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Yes, it’s possible to get it with your CPI points, but we have to limit to one device per person for now.


@yong How many?

@javelinface yong told us to keep them for future goodies :slight_smile:


The cryptic posts started all the way back then! I should have read between the lines! Alas. I shan’t regret getting a second gameSH with my points. It’s sped up my productive “process” significantly to justify its existence.

Currently, CPI point 1:1 USD


This thing looks really cool, but I was hoping to a clamshell handheld, but I’m guessing that’s not coming for many more years (if it happens at all). That being said, It would be great to see a video demonstrating the new device. Not entirely sure what it can do.

I think here must have some misunderstand.
Sold out not means Dead, you can check new product DevTerm.

  1. The new product is just DevTerm?
  2. Will GameShell follow DevTerm to update new modules and hardware?
  3. Does the new version of Clockwork Pi adapt to GameShell and bring new features?

It is nice to see talks about upgrading the CPU and the screen modules for Gameshell. However, after checking github, I cannot not notice the fact that only 2 people are keeping the source code up to date and Gameshell’s source code has stopped being updated since 2019-2020. It’s a shame and has made me sad, but it looks pretty much dead to me.

That does not mean I am not enjoying my gameshell. It still works. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, they say. Also if i were a dev, i would’ve helped out to keep the source updated but alas i am not. Kudos to the ones that have supported the project up until today.

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There’s been a lot of development early this year, like the 0.5 release. I thought there was a lot of activity, at least earlier in the year.
I personally stopped adding anything more to my custom image (which I liased a lot with the devs to cross implement features) around March/April because it basically got to the point where it didn’t need anything more, but needed more testing.
Essentially, the gameshell became more of a community collaboration hack device. It’s still being developed by community members now!

Probably the most interesting recent developments is the Godot launcher.

One of my favourite advances is the minimal launcher here, built from the ground up.

One that I think deserves a lot more love and attention is the Arch Linux OS release. It’s super feature packed and quick; again built from the ground up.

And of course, I gotta plug my own custom OS, hoping to be the most up to date complete “vanilla” experience of the dev’s official release, including a lot of hand picked community enhancements pre installed. It also has all of the dev’a official updates applied, but is by no means a lightweight image. Basically an out of box zero setup experience. (Besides the flicker hot fix that you know about)

It’s very much alive. Just I think people are all waiting for the dev term, and any future hardware development of the gameshell mainboard. I guess you could almost say, the cpi3.1 board has reached maturity enough to be considered completely supported by its operating system.