PocketSNES standalone build

Man you know what ? Don’t hesitate !!!

This is a killer app, trust me. I tested Starfox and it’s fullspeed.

I just ran Super Mario RPG to compare the performances and pound for pound, the standalone is the winner.

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Well that’s all I need to hear man thank you!!!

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Is it same build that comes with OS 0.4 or it is something new?

I tried to get some romhacks to run, but I’m having trouble with two Zelda hacks (Redux and Parallel Remodel) and I was wondering if this might be a shortcoming of the PocketSNES emulator. Has anyone else tried different romhacks?

I need help getting this to run.

I’m pretty hopeless with this stuff. Can someone give me step by step directions from start to finish?
This is the last thing I want to get running on my GS. I haven’t even managed to get SNES games to run on Retroarch…

Scratch all that. I’m in! Thanks guys

I was just about to write a lengthy tutorial, so good you figured it out. :smiley:

Hope I saved you the hassle before you started writing! :sweat_smile:

Never realised there were ‘standalone’ listings on GitHub. I was wondering what I was supposed to do with all those files I downloaded (which weren’t the right ones)

Have you seen this thread, where I posted a longer description how to get the standalone emulators to work?

I think that’s what I used to fix my dilemma! Thanks for your hard work and knowledge. One day I might get the hang of this thing

I also started out with zero knowledge. But after hours of tinkering and one broken image file I kinda got the hang of it. ^^

Could someone put the actual commands to Install this directly from github, to your GS, Like the other standlone amulators. rather than just leaving it for us to figure out which most people cant (look at this thread)

If you could just show the actual clone commands liek the PCSX and Picodrive have to just install it. Rather juist plopping it down here like “figure out how to install it”

And please don’t tell me to do the unzip and chmod method, i know the command will work WAY easier so i think we should just put the proper install commands in here, to install it automatically without dragging zips And I’ve read Rebusmind’s turorials but they arent helpful they make it more complicated then it should be imo.

Thanks for the compliment, I guess.

I was only highlighting a way for people like me who aren’t familiar with the whole Linux side of things.

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Geez chill, I know this is frustrating, trust me I’ve had my moments but @Rebusmind was just trying his best to help

Sorry, i can probably figure it out your way i just was saying it would be easier. I didnt mean to be a jerk about it.

You cant just drag the zip because theres no .sh launcher file in it, your posts keeps saying just drag the zip then ch mod (which isnt there and wasnt in the zip)

EDIT: Got it working now, was using the wrong zip (master not the standalone)

But i did have to use a custom action.config to get it to load games but i got it working.

Yeah, and I posted the action.config for PocketSNES in the thread I linked above.