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my bad, apologies I thought it was something else

Retroarch + linuxraw broken in 0.3

Is there a way to switch back to the standard ui via a sudo command? I accidentally switched to the ozone ui and there isn’t a way to navigate. How do you fresh install RetroArch?

edit: never mind, i found a post on how to do this. Found the solution under Common Problems here

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adding my retroarch.cfg file incase anyone having trouble clearing the hotkeys after changing the user 1 input buttons:

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#271 bananapi orangepi can support opengl to work. maybe clockworkpi also can do it.

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only if gameshell return to old kernel 3.14.x
right now gameshell is the first one kind of supporting GPU by uisng lima opensource driver


hope lima improve continuously.
recently it has three main issues:

  • unstable, sometimes collapse.
  • vsync glitch on top-right screen.
  • unsupport GL driver.

if these issues resolved, GameShell will be a greatest FOSS game console.

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I have a question to ask.
retroarch menu driver “xmb” does not work with lima
What is the problem and how to solve it?
any idea?


it’s the driver, not RAs fault

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yes, I couldnt agree any more


which retroarch core for sega cd games? kinda want to play snatcher


Genesis Plus GX or PicoDrive.


Thanks, pico worked great :ok_hand::ok_hand: only need to increase name resolutions


Anyone getting linker errors when trying to compile the master branch?

Can someone share the revision they successfully build with the instructions in the first post? You can see the revision by running git rev-parse --short HEAD


i also would like this answered I cannot get it to compile. if you can post the revision we can check that specific one out and get this to build. anyone know why it was not prebuilt into the clockwork image?


I managed to get a successful build by REMOVING the --disable-discord option


Can you post the errors? I implemented the discord integration, so I’m willing to fix that.


I can send you my build log tonight. I followed your guide step by step on a 0.3 image.

By the way, I noticed that the 0.3 image actually has a fairly new RetroArch build, are there enough constant improvements that would make people want to install from master directly instead of using the latest release? In other words, are people actively working on improving RetroArch for GameShell?

If so, do we have a nightly build page? I’m willing to set up something like that, but I’d like to know first if this is something the community wants/needs.

I just got my unit yesterday and still catching up with the state of the platform, I appreciate the help by the way, great guide you have here!


RA is updated almost daily, so something like a PPA would be great.


Okay I’m interested in working on that, will have a look at it this weekend.


Linker errors:

Edit: Can confirm it works if I disable the Discord flag.

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