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my bad, apologies I thought it was something else

Retroarch + linuxraw broken in 0.3

Is there a way to switch back to the standard ui via a sudo command? I accidentally switched to the ozone ui and there isn’t a way to navigate. How do you fresh install RetroArch?

edit: never mind, i found a post on how to do this. Found the solution under Common Problems here


adding my retroarch.cfg file incase anyone having trouble clearing the hotkeys after changing the user 1 input buttons:

#271 bananapi orangepi can support opengl to work. maybe clockworkpi also can do it.


only if gameshell return to old kernel 3.14.x
right now gameshell is the first one kind of supporting GPU by uisng lima opensource driver


hope lima improve continuously.
recently it has three main issues:

  • unstable, sometimes collapse.
  • vsync glitch on top-right screen.
  • unsupport GL driver.

if these issues resolved, GameShell will be a greatest FOSS game console.


I have a question to ask.
retroarch menu driver “xmb” does not work with lima
What is the problem and how to solve it?
any idea?


it’s the driver, not RAs fault


yes, I couldnt agree any more