uConsole os Images

The uConsole OS image links don’t work


these work

I found they didn’t work on my Mac and had to use a Windows machine for them to open, I think they were being blocked because of not being secure.

I think there’s something wrong with your mac.

Hey just wondering about the existing OS available for the uconsole cm4 (on github), which one would be best to have and is there any benefits to them or is it just really only the look/theme thats the only difference? Would be great to get some example photos too if there are any available

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I’m unsure if anyone else has come across this as an issue before, however I am wondering if there are any other mirror’s of the OS?
Trying to download it at the moment, and I’m seeing a max of 30KB/s down, whereas any other download I do sits at 6MB/s.

I managed to get pi os bookworm working on cm4 cores, there is a bug or 2 which im trying to work out but overall its runable. Theres a little guide on configuring your own os but ive had issues making it work for anything outside of pi os. Theres also someone on here who has gotten arch working too. Will link them both on here.

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sadly something is wrong with your images on a cm4 with emmc - the system power on and after a few seconds it powers off. was unable to find the reason.

Thanks for letting me know, sorry i dont have a cm4 with emmc myself to find a fix for it. If anyone does please let me know.

Has anyone been able to get the -lite /xfce image for cm4 working? So far I’ve only managed to a black screen, like there’s no SD card at all.

Edit: I refreshed it with dd on a smaller SD card, and did first boot with the 4g module removed, and now it’s working again, even with the 4g back in. Unsure what exactly fixed it.

uConsole os-image
I was Wondering if some one can check or test if PopOS will run fine on uConsole PopOS Website: they Made a version for Raspberry Pi 4 :star_struck:
I would test it myself but I don’t have the uConsole yet but hope fully soon

It should, after you change out the kernel and appropriate files.

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btw is files from bookworm image by you will work?

I can confirm Pop!_OS boots (via HDMI). It doesn’t display anything on screen, sadly… needs to edit the kernel.

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Thanks for the Info :+1:

For pop_os it should boot, I’m not sure im not sure what changes they made though. Swap the kernel and put in a good config.txt and boot, should work

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I’ve set up an APT repo with kernel 6.6.30 and the necessary files for the DevTerm and uConsole. If you can boot and get HDMI, you can ad my repo and install the kernel and audio files. Change out the config.txt and reboot and display should work.

I’ve only been testing with raspberry pi os so let me know how it works on other Debian based distros.

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