Update: uConsole shipping related

Any chance you have time to update the OP with a short update on production and shipment status, @AlexDuan ?


Final update - Screen protector arrived.
I bought a matt finish version from e-bay that fits almost perfectly, for about £5.50 (inc shipping and VAT)
Put it all together and realised that I didn’t have a micro-sd card.
Felt really stupid for a min…until I found one.

Long story short, it seems to be working ok.

I’m tempted to update the OS but I am concerned that some posts refer to errors / issues after they’ve updated. I’ll probably give it a go tomorrow anyway! Worst that can happen is that I re-image the card.

Good luck all. Hope you get yours soon :slight_smile:


It’s supposed to be sent within 3 months and I’m still waiting since 01-01-2024

It’s supposed to be express service and I’m still waiting.

I’m order 2615X, if I don’t get it before the month ends I will request a refund.

They aren’t accomplishing what the shop says, it starts to smell like a fraud.

There’s one english-speaking Clockwork Pi staff member here who updates a post once a month in this thread. He’s not going to see you complain. If you want a refund, send him an email at alex@clockworkpi.com and he’ll oblige.

I waited a year to get my uConsole from the first month of pre-orders. Their 30 business day estimate has never been accurate, but 30 business days isn’t 3 months either. They’re slow but they do ship.


If you’re on the CM4, don’t bother updating ClockworkPi’s distro. Use this instead. Bookworm 6.6.y for the uConsole and DevTerm

Less bloat. Fewer annoying bugs. Newer kernel.


I know he won’t, they never do, it’s always automated responses, I just want to add my penny so anyone willing to pay for this knows that things are smelly with the company.

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I’ll give it a look, cheers :+1:t2:

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I don’t know the order number, Russia.
Order placed October 10, 2023 (waiting time 9 months), black cm4+4g
Received uConsole shipped by CDEK today, thank you, clockworkpi team


I am late updating the thread, I received my Black CM4 Wifi+4g on June 28th. Order No. 24108 Placed on Oct 8, 2023.

I had emailed Alex about having the delivery changed to direct signature required because I was concerned about not checking email and missing the shipping notification and it getting stolen, which my building had a problem with in the time since I ordered it.

I did not get signature required delivery, and I got the shipping notification email the day it was delivered. If my best friend had not been staying with me bc she’s on the outs with her wife, I would never have received it bc she asked me to go grab a package she ordered that amazon put in the mail room when I was doing laundry, and otherwise I would never have thought to check!

And the shipping was not so discrete as to not be apparently valuable, with uConsole slapped on the outer cardboard.

Otherwise I’ve been loving the thing, basically can’t put it down, got Arch working on it with wifi and 4g on the 6.6 kernel and I’m getting ready to do an LFS install then follow up with bootstrapping my own kernel and eventually OS.

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Just received my shipping notice for a silver cm4+4g. Order #247xx ordered October 2023.

Looks like silver units are shipping again :tada:

Super keen to get this in my hands!


weird – i’m #243xx, exactly the same config, also ordered in early october 2023, but no news from alex, and last email regarding potential change of address with no answer.

i’m moving in a few weeks, hope it will manage to clear customs in time

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I’m so happy!! Just got an email that my uConsole shipped!! I made my order on May 11th 2024…so a it took two months! So happy.


an update from alex –

Your order has been collected by our shipping agency, tracking number will be provided soon.
Very good chance that it will be delivered in one week.

Best regards.



Sorry for the waiting.
There will be about 1 more batch to go before yours.
We are working on a batch at this moment. Since the supply condition is getting better, we expect the production to be constant.
We are trying to maintain a 3~5-batch-a-month schedule.
It is likely that your order will be shipped before the end of July, but if it doesn’t, I can arrange a refund as promised.


Anyway it turned out a mainboard fault. I have been send a new mainboard and the problem was solved. I am really impressed at how effective the helpdesk is in these things. I really thought it was the screen as this seems often the problem. I had SSH contact so the Raspi was running. Then it turned out there was no HDMI or any other output. Good the helpdesk stept in and debugged further.


I got this massage every month since March…

Anyway mine is now on the way it’s already in cologne it will be delivered on Wednesday :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Well, that’s really concerning lolz

Wish it wasn’t an automated response hahahaha, I’m going to kms

I don’t think it’s automated so much as cut and paste, I’m sure he gets dozens of these requests a day. Mine was the same, but said 3 more batches before mine was ready. So he’s at least updating that number.

Mine is already here expected it tomorrow


Order #25302 (placed Nov 23rd 2023, Silver CM-4 + 4G) has finally arrived today. Device works fine, I’m happy.