Hoping to Fix Bricked Console for Brother

Hello everyone, my brother backed the kickstarter and really had a lot of fun with playing megaman zero and his own roms but I accidentally updated even though my bro told me not to and the gameboy/clockworkpi got stuck on the update screen. It’s been about a week… Waited for battery to die, recharged it, still stuck and none of the buttons change the screen. I made a copy of the sd card then tried putting the image file on it but I don’t think I did it right because it wouldn’t even power on when charging. Can someone help me get step by step directions on how to reset this to being like new? I had put roms on it before to play the old pokemon games. I know I can put his games back on it if I can get it working, but also I’m really worried I ruined his 100% run on megaman so is there a way I can get his saves back from the copy of the bad files?

Bottom line, I messed up my brother’s gameboy and I need to get it fixed before he finds out I’ve been hiding it. So PLEASE someone help me fix this

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Hahah this is quite the ordeal!! Welcome to the forums.

If it was a 100% run, unless there’s a name involved with the save file, you can just download a complete save file online. He will never know. :wink:

If you can remember the process you took restoring the OS, post it here. There could have been a missing step. Also, if you remember what version, write it down too.

Naturally, I am biased to recommend my own image; DEOT+ v2. It even has a boot up sound of Megaman’s Buster charging, and a few other bonuses. There are some instructions on how to flash it in the first post of this thread:

If he’s still using the original OS, anything made that’s 0.5 or newer would be a significant upgrade.

If you did write the image properly, or if you want try and boot up the gameshell with your original image, ref doing it with the USB power plugged in, and also try pushing the hidden reset button. Check out this thread for a similar problem.

See how things work with this info. :slight_smile: Good Luck!

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