New Distro Poll

I’m bored and want to adapt another distro to be fully compatible with our devices on the CM4. e.g. drivers, rotated screens, kernel updates…

The current up to date distros are PostmarketOS, Arch, Debian Bookworm, Ubuntu 22.04

So i’d like some input from the community what distro would you like to use or try?

I’ll build the winner!

poll will end on Wednesday at 1200 UTC

RetroPie is the winner.

  • Pop!_OS
  • Fedora
  • RetroPie
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Which board are you thinking of supporting? I have a A06 board, but I think someone is already working on a Cm4 version. I would love Pop!_OS or RetroPie. Any OS would be nice.

I’m only going to be building another CM4 distro like the Debian Bookworm one I did. I’ve already setup a build environment to build the CM4 kernel, I don’t have a A06 to test on anyways.

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This is very cool and I’d be happy trying any of these distros out. I’d personally be interested in checking out PopOS, but I’m sure there would be a significant amount of demand for a functioning version of Retropie that you could just boot from an SD card.

I plan on doing 2-3 or these, give our devices much needed options.

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Ubuntu 24.04. I am going to adopt it on my device when have free time. Seems to be easy: just take Ubuntu for raspberry pi image, replace kernel with the one that is ready for uConsole, add all uConsole tweaks/utils, and double check that everything works. If you have spare time that distro would be nice to have as an option.

@lanealucy Has made a Ubuntu 22.04 image here. Ubuntu 22.04 for Devterm CM4 with working Fan Daemon and fast audio switching ! WIP!


Thanks, nice catch. Was searching through this forum but have not seen this topic before. Will have a look

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I would love to see functional nixos

For the heck of something different, Gentoo. But that’s like handing death sentences to microSD cards, I surmise.

That would be cheating for everyone else though, It’s illegal to run Gentoo unless you compile Gentoo. Them the rules, I didn’t make them. :joy:


Hey Rex. Have you heard of ParrotOS? Or how about QuebesOS?

I daily drive a Steam Deck with Garuda Linux and am super looking forward to checking out your Arch build.

Its my understanding that supporting Kali is a pain in the ass because of the rolling updates. Is that right?

I’m putting together a pretty extreme uConsole based hardware build meant for on location red-team work and general hardware fuckery. I’ve been waiting for the OS side to become more mature. Super glad to see you working on this brother.

Yes I’ve heard of them, I don’t support Kali because it’s not a daily driver with the less secure and heavily modified kernel. I’ve dropped my kernel into one build just for people to play with but all the functionality won’t be there because of the kernel.
The Arch build is from @yatli I’ve only done the Bookworm image with full support for our devices, and am working on FreeBSD at the moment. Thank you for the accolades though.


@Rex when is the vote counting day? :slight_smile:

Wednesday at noon I’ll end it and start working on it.

who told you that lie?

nobody, It’s a trade off you get to be able to do the wireless injections with it. Its not super unsecured but not something I would daily.

Armbian would be nice!

@Armbian with a user name like that you should take charge and make a armbian build for the community. :crazy_face:

We don’t have resources for that, sadly. There is constant push from many many HW makers and their customers on way too little people that could do that. We rather focus to maintian build framework. Once you get your device into, you get plenty of options at once. You get Debian, you get Ubuntu, you get many DE options, you get HA supervised image, same UI across different hardware platform, reproducible builds, SDK. Armbian is a tool for developers and integrator first.